Episode 1: How to Make People Fall in Love With You... And Your Business


In this episode we discuss developing a personal brand and five ways that you can design a unique brand experience for your creative business that clients and customers will love. These are the exact strategies that we use to build our brands, grow our audiences, and book out our services.

Topics Discussed: 

  • Personal branding mindset

  • Focusing on creating a unique branding experience

    • Developing and focusing on your niche

    • Creating a brand persona

    • Creating a visual theme and stay consistent with it on all of your platforms

    • The best way to show off your creating process

    • Creating and getting to know your community

Show resources:

StrengthsFinder Assessment

The StrengthsFinder is a great resource to help you determine your unique natural talents and use them to maximize your potential. Both Jess and Steph have used this assessment to help them develop and grow their brand experiences.

Brand spotlight: Miss Parfaite

If you're looking for an amazing brand, and a bit of inspiration for creating a strong visual brand, head on over to our friend Chris' site. Plus, if her aesthetic meshes with your brand, her products are the perfect gifts for your clients. Plus, she live in Paris. You don't want to miss it!


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