Episode 67: Two Ways to Quickly Create Content for Your Small Business

Creating content for your small business doesn’t have to be so hard or take up so much time. We’re giving you two ways to crank out that content so you can grow your business.

Creating content for your small business doesn't have to be so hard, but it does need to get done! How else will you get people to your website? How else will you know what to strategically post on social media if you don't have a content plan? This week on The Decorettes, we're discussing how batching and sprinting can help you create an editorial plan without all the stress!

Topics Discussed:

  • Problem: Everyone says they want to grow their online presence and get more website traffic and more engagement on social media but how do you effectively do that without losing your shit because you’ve got an email here to write, and a video there to record, and a photo there to take, and a blog post there to write. This is maddening and no way to run a business!

  • But we’ve got two ways to help you stop your head from spinning so you can effectively and quickly crank out content!

  • Before we give you our two ways to quickly create content, let’s chat about why you need content.

    • You can have the most strategic website built to convert visitors into clients and customers...but how are you going to ever get people to it? Content!

    • Without content, you have nothing to push out to searches (think YouTube, Google, Pinterest, and iTunes) and nothing to post on social.

    • Your site could foundationally be built to be optimized for search engines technically, but what is a key determining factor for ranking in searches? Constant updates to your site- BLOGGING & VLOGGING!!!!!

    • So no excuses- if you want your website to do what it was meant to do (convert) then you have to get people there with content.

  • Crank out content more quickly by sprinting.

    • Sprints are 2-3 (or longer) weeks of intense work on one content project.

    • Need a new sales page for a service? Focus on just that for 2 weeks. No social media post, no blog writing, nothing! Except of course client work! That’s where the 2 weeks might be longer.

    • Want to write more blogs? Focus on writing blogs for 2 weeks. No social media post, no creating a new service, nothing! Except of course client work! That’s where the 2 weeks might be longer.

    • This means ignore everything that is not what you are sprinting on. If you have photography to do your social and/or your website, focus on planning, shooting, and editing those photos for two weeks (or more). NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!

  • Crank out more content quickly by batching,

    • We’re batching right now! We don’t sprint Decorettes work b/c we don’t work together, but we do batch episode recording, typically four at a time.

      • We batch the content writing, recording, graphics, editing, posting, and newsletters at various times but all at once for an entire month (if not more).

      • That is how we were able to get an entire year’s worth of content created so Jess could go on maternity leave.

    • Content is best batched.

      • Blogs

      • Video recording

      • Graphic creation

      • Copywriting

      • Photography

      • IG planning

      • Pinterest pinning

  • Combining sprinting and batching

    • Working on blogging? You could take two weeks (a sprint) and batch as many blog posts as possible before moving on to anything else.

    • Then break it down even more. An example:

      • 7 days of writing

      • 5 days of graphics/photography

      • 2 days of formatting and scheduling

  • You can do one of two things: be in a hamster wheel of continuous content creation craziness because you’re pecking at everything bit by bit, or you can sit down and crank out the content like a boss by sprinting and batching!


Creating content for your small business doesn’t have to be so hard or take up so much time. We’re giving you two ways to crank out that content so you can grow your business.

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