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want to rake in more money without doing more work?

Do you daydream about having a smooth running business that reduces your stress, allows you to work less, and is a reliable money-maker?

well, hello darling!

I’m Jess, your swanky cocktail shakin' business systems boss-lady mentor who's dedicated to helping you create a business that supports your values, style, passions, and preferences so you can avoid burnout and love what you do again!

A bit about me? Well, I'm a casual Texas lady who likes fancy things! Ripped jeans and Gucci shoes are my everyday. And I've been know to munch on some glazed donuts and binge Harry Potter on a Tuesday. Yep- a Tuesday. That's true freedom, and it's all because of some swanky business systems.


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does your business feel like it's lost in space- not getting any attention?

You're wishing someone would just sprinkle some magic dust on your brand so you can get busy working with clients, sell products, get noticed, and become the go-to-gal in your industry instead of worrying about your branding and content. You know you need an business that makes competition irrelevant and some content that converts, but who's got the time for that?

That’s where I come in!

I’m Steph, and I geek out over all things branding and content marketing so all you lady bosses can get busy creating an experience for your clients that will make them fall in love with you, pay your prices, and tell all their friends!

Oh yeah- the personal stuff! I’m a sci-fi loving gal who can be found relaxing with my husband and pups, sipping on champagne, and jamming to some Bowie.


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